Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Rocky Start

So, my weight loss journey started with a wonderful surprise; I'm sick.  I assume it's just a bad cold.  I have a bad cough and my nose is all stuffy and running (it can't decide what it wants to do!).  The coughing has caused my ribs to start hurting and boy...are they.

I had a tough day at work today.  I work in a school kitchen and I'm on my feet almost all day.  I served today and it's a lot of leaning over the line and giving kids their plates.  Well, by itself, that tends to make my back hurt because of my over large bosom (heh xP).  Well, add coughing and sore ribs to the equation and I was basically crying at the end of the day (oh how fun!).

This is why I haven't been online to post any kind of update or anything.  I just haven't felt like sitting in my computer chair and being online.  If I wasn't kind of bored, I probably wouldn't be online right now...but tv is boring and I don't feel like reading and a nap would probably just make me feel worse.  So yeah, here I am.

I'm hoping this cold gets better soon.  I'm really wanting to start exercising again but it's bit impossible when I cough up a lung when I get the slightest bit hot.  Also, my eating habits have been kind of eh since I got sick.  Aka, not much of an appetite and not eating the best of things when I do eat.  Hah.

I hate being sick, I really do.  It just interrupts so many things.  Blech!  Well, here's hoping I get better soon so I can get down to kicking this extra weight's butt!

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