Monday, May 23, 2011

Been a While

Things get hectic.  It's a way of life, I suppose.  I should push myself to find time to post in this blog, though.  I suppose it wouldn't do much good, I really haven't started any of my exercising yet or eating right.  Work really does take a lot out of you and when you're not use to exercising, oh's hard to get back into the groove.  Ugh.  Not to mention it is so much easier to plop something from work on my plate for breakfast and lunch than to fix something at home and then pack it into work.  Even if the stuff might not be that good for you.  I need to start doing some research and finding quick and simple but yummy recipes for stuff I could take to work for breakfast and lunch.  Hmm...any suggestions?

Well, I took my first food picture today.  Overall it wasn't too bad of a dinner.

Kind of a crappy quality picture.  Took it with my cell phone.  Anyway.  The sandwhich is a tuna salad on potato bread.  I just did one slice of bread and it pretty much satisfied me.  Next to it is Stouffer's Cheddar Potato Bake (I have a thing for potatoes....yesss).  It's not the most healthy thing to eat but we had one left in the freezer and I just couldn't resist.  Oh well.  The stuff in the bowl is an apple salad.  It had pineapple, two different kinds of apples, golden raisens, red grapes and walnuts in it.  Plus a dressing that was homemade (it had sugar, pineapple juice, corn starch and something else but I can't remember).  Then a good old water to drink.

So yeah.  I haven't done my exercising yet.  Boo on me.  Today's Zumba day.  Maybe after my dinner has settled I'll get to that.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

That's Some Crazy Weather!

Yep.  May 10th and we have hail!  It lasted for about 10 or 15 minutes and it got pretty wicked there for a bit.  Blew into the porch pretty bad and was making a LOT of noise.  It's been a while since I seen hail last that long.  Last time I seen it, it was sunny out and only lasted a couple of minutes.

Say hello to my little friend; George/Herman/Franklin.  He has an identity crisis going on.  Poor thing's already melted and gone and we couldn't decide on a name. ]:  It was about an inch wide.  My friend found one that was about 2 inches wide.  Crazy!

So that's it for now.  Sorry for the random, not-weight-loss-related post.  xP

A Rocky Start

So, my weight loss journey started with a wonderful surprise; I'm sick.  I assume it's just a bad cold.  I have a bad cough and my nose is all stuffy and running (it can't decide what it wants to do!).  The coughing has caused my ribs to start hurting and boy...are they.

I had a tough day at work today.  I work in a school kitchen and I'm on my feet almost all day.  I served today and it's a lot of leaning over the line and giving kids their plates.  Well, by itself, that tends to make my back hurt because of my over large bosom (heh xP).  Well, add coughing and sore ribs to the equation and I was basically crying at the end of the day (oh how fun!).

This is why I haven't been online to post any kind of update or anything.  I just haven't felt like sitting in my computer chair and being online.  If I wasn't kind of bored, I probably wouldn't be online right now...but tv is boring and I don't feel like reading and a nap would probably just make me feel worse.  So yeah, here I am.

I'm hoping this cold gets better soon.  I'm really wanting to start exercising again but it's bit impossible when I cough up a lung when I get the slightest bit hot.  Also, my eating habits have been kind of eh since I got sick.  Aka, not much of an appetite and not eating the best of things when I do eat.  Hah.

I hate being sick, I really do.  It just interrupts so many things.  Blech!  Well, here's hoping I get better soon so I can get down to kicking this extra weight's butt!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Beginning

 First off, I love myself, I really do.  I'm happy with where I am in life; job, boyfriend, friends, etc.  What I'm not happy with?  My inability to climb a set of stairs without getting out of breath, afraid of not being able to fit on rides at fairs/amusement parks.  I don't care what others think about my weight.  My boyfriend loves me for who I am.  I'm tired of not being healthy.  I don't want to achieve that "skinny look".  I want that "healthy look".

Well, hi there blog world!  With all that out of the way, I figure I could tell you a bit about myself and what I plan on doing with this blog.  First things first, my name is Holly.  I'm 25 years old.  I'm still a bit miffed at being half way to 50.  It really does not feel like I've been alive that long.  Hah.  When I was younger I was a skinny, happy kid.  Around 7th grade I started to put on the weight.  I struggled all through high school with this problem.  At one point, I probably just didn't care.

Five years later (2009) and I was at my heaviest; 300 pounds.  Ick.  Not fun.  I started exercising in 2010 and managed to lose 30 pounds (or so).  I fell off the wagon, though.  I got sick with two major things within about 2 months of each other and it just threw me off.  They're excuses, of course, but really, who feels like getting up and exercising when they have bronchitis or tonsillitis?  I certainly didn't.

I'm tired of being over weight!  I'm determined to change this part of my life and start all over with my well being.  A new beginning, if you will.  I plan on going on this journey with a friend.  We sat down the other day and came up with a plan.  Exercise every day except a couple of rest days (and probably those few days we have our period...we both have pain in the butt monthlies) and watch what we eat.  We'd both eat the same things we always have (except cutting a few things out...cutting down on carbs, etc) only eating less/smaller portions.  My plan is to start taking pictures of all my meals and posting them on here.  This is me hoping that doing so, will help me start to realize how much I probably over eat and help me out with figuring out my portions.  I will post my weight every day and then maybe even progress pictures as I start to lose weight.  I also plan on taking a few measurements and posting them every now and then too (probably once a month).  Maybe eventually I'll start counting calories. It's something that helped me the first time around, so maybe it can this time too.